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Someone was calling his name.


Wincing, Daniel tried to move, but his body felt too heavy. He heard distant voices. They sounded familiar, but he couldn´t fully concentrate on them. His head was hurting and heavy, sweet smell of the gas was lingering in his nose.


With a pained moan, Daniel managed to open his eyes. The room was dark, enlightened only by a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. There were no mirrors anymore, only gray concrete walls. Realizing that he was in different room, Daniel flinched and tried to get up. His body, however, wasn´t obeying him and he collapsed back on the floor.


He wanted to call for help, but his throat was dry and he couldn´t take a deep breath. It felt like all his bones turned to hot liquid. Hurting, Daniel turned to his side and tried to curl. His fingers brushed something furry and he shied from the contact.


Was he truly alone?


The idea of being trapped in this nightmare with some wild beast was terrifying.


Rubbing his eyes, Daniel carefully lifted himself on his elbows and peaked into the shadows surrounding him. There was something pale moving at his feet. He tried to pull himself further from it, but it moved with him.


Only then Daniel noticed that the lower half of his torso wasn´t connected to legs anymore. Instead, there was something white and hairy and large. He stared in disbelief. Where his hips were supposed to be, he only saw horse´s body.


“What?” he croaked in small voice.


Written by lulu-illussions on 23 January 2018

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