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You whirl from the changes that so recently occured and nod.
He smiles "You din't forget me did you?"
You smile back "Of course not!"
He smiles "I hope we get some of the same classes this year.last year we did not have many of the same"
"Yeah, but if we don't it's ok. We can always hang out any time."
He nods. "Well here is the bus" he says as the bus pulls up to the curb. You follow him on and are stopped by another female "I have not seen you all summer, you have to tell me about it on the way to school". You look around and the male has alreasy gone up to another group.
You frown in dissapointment as you see him with another group, then sit next to her and smile "Ok, summer was ok. It was boring to say the least, I can't really remember anything too fun that happened." You smile at her "What about you? How was your summer?"
She nods and begins to tell you about her summer and before you know it your at the school
You sigh a little as you realize that you're about to get off the bus and enter school, then look at the girl you're sitting next to and smile "Well, I guess I'll see you in school." You get up and proceed to get off of the bus.
She smiles and you soon lose sight of her in the crowd. The crowd seems to be moving into a large hall. You check your id for your new name and follow them. You quickly find your name on the sheet and go into the line for the class.
You continue to wait in the line until it is your turn. You get your class sheet and look at it in curiosity.
It seems you have 2 diffrent science classes as well as two math classes. The other two are English and a school based apprentiship at a local vet.
You sigh "Great, two math classes, just what I need." You smile a little when you see the apprentiship.
As you think you do calcultions in your had and it seems like the jump gave you a lot more math skills.
You smile and giggle a little at your new math skills, then you look at your class sheet again "I wonder if he has any classes with me again..."


First though biology. You look at the room designation and then gulp. where is the L building? Luckily for you you soon find a map and actually make it there before the majority of the rest of the class. Unfortunatly for you, neither of your two new friends are in there.


You finish the class period and let out a big sigh "Well that was boring...I hope my new friends are in my next class, or any class...or else this day is going to be boring." You look at the map and locate your next class, it's a chemestry class and is located at the other end of the building, you quickly head over to your next class.


On you way there you run into the male and to your delight your in the same class. You keep an ear out during the roll call and finally get his name.

Written by Catprog + Poni on 19 February 2012

The end (for now)

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