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You decide that though you are already tired you need to keep pressing on to find some food. Your paws stir the flora underfoot as you walk, beady black eyes searching for some form of food. Fruit, mushrooms, heck you’re hungry enough to eat anything at this point. Your head is throbbing and stomach is rumbling... This whole situation you are in looks rather bleak.


On the plus side it is warm out. Perhaps late spring or early summer weather. You count your blessings that it is not the middle of winter as you press on, ears perked and straining to every sound you hear.


Your heart beats fast in your chest, whiskers twitching nervously. You really don’t like being out in the dark in this situation. Every sound makes you jump, fearful that it might be some predator lurking within the forest. You feel helpless, more than a little fear within your heart that you might die like this. Things definitely are looking bleak but you aren’t ready to give up yet.


After another half hour or so of searching, you find an tree with fruit upon it. The fruits are red and roundish; apples. Glancing around you see that there are some of the same fruit on the ground, looking partially eaten.

Written by ShatteredBeginnings on 09 January 2016

You take a Fruit

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