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You decide to take an apple. It is firm in your hands, and smells delicious. Your keen sense of smell, which is far better than your current eye sight, tells you that the apple is safe to eat. You take a large bite, the juice dribbling down your chin. You let out a satisfied huff, ears twitching happily. Thank goodness you had stumbled across this tree.


You eat the first apple and then another, then another until you’ve had your fill of the fruit. The juices stick to the fur of your chin and your hands, making them feel a bit awkward. Settling down in the grass at the base of the tree you begin to lick your hands, cleaning them up. The apple juice is eventually cleaned off and once more your fur is clean and slightly puffy.


That takes care of one problem at least. You are fed, and you had a little bit of a chance to rest while eating. But what about the situation you find yourself in? You are still a female mouse anthro and it seems that there is little you can do to change the fact. At least you had chosen this costume, you think. You don’t want to think about what could have happened if you chosen something else instead.


You look around, wondering what more you can do now. It is too dark to see too well... you are left with limited options.


Written by ShatteredBeginnings on 10 January 2016

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