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You have chosen to stay put. Whenever you hear about hikers getting lost, they always tell you to stay where you are. You have a better chance of someone finding you. Taking the opportunity to get more comfortable. You sat up and made your way to lean against the tree but something large and hard was in the way. You turn and look, seeing the large hard round circles contenting into a menacing point.


A scorpion tail? You pull on it and feel the tug on your own body. Turning you see it attaches to your own butt. Then in a whirlwind of images you recall everything to this moment. The shop, the costume as it consumed and change you. You shiver against that unnatural horror of it.


You pull against the tail, your tail again. It was a weird contrast to the female lion body you now sporting with its soft fur. This can't possibly be real. This wasn't a movie or a lite novel. Was this some sick bastard idea of a joke. Some new drug coating the suit was surly causing you to dream up this entire ordeal. Tossing the tail to the ground with a hard thud, you ignore the thumping feeling it resonates in you. Placing your furred paws behind your head you decide to wait it out and relax until you got help.


“Fucking druggies,” you curse out loud, ignoring the sweet rich deceivingly female tones your voice rang out in. “When I find them, I'll knock their fucking teeth out.” You grumbled. You shut your eyes. Sleeping was the best way to past the time. You didn't have to hear or see the illusions that you believed the drugs were causing you.

Written by psto1464 on 06 August 2018


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