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“There it is.” a high squeal of a whisper reached your ears. Waking you up from the sleep you didn't remember falling into so easily.“


Quiet you fool! You'll wake it up and doom us all.” Another more confident whisper chastised the other. You can smell them. The cold sweat of fear coated four or five men. You insistingly know there was another less fearful man with him. He didn't reek of fear but of the jungle floor, a slight hint of sweat came along with it, marking him as human. Did he roll around on the jungle floor you wonder as you open your eyes. Not the safest thing to do, unless it was all an illusion like you thought. Then go him.


“Thank god you're here,” you say as you stand awkwardly. You hadn't bother adapting much to the lion's weight and paws so you swayed as the scorpion tail you played with earlier did as it wanted. Swaying its point high above your head. You couldn't feel it but could see its shadow on the ground as the now moonlight played its way down between the tree branches above.


“It speaks in human tongue!” a young bearded man screamed out-loud as he popped his head out from behind the tree.


“Yeah, being human does that to you,” you reply awkwardly. “This is a costume, some douche-bag trapped me in it.” You hurriedly explain not liking the fear in the mans voice. Honestly if anybody should be screaming, it should be you. Wisely, you keep that thought to yourself. “If you could help me out? I just want to get home.” You say being as honest as you can, trying to prove you weren't hostile. “Please, I just want to go home.” Your voice sounds much whinny and tearier with its feminine tones but you hardly cared at this point. You needed to convince these guys to take you home.


“You poor creature.” A soft spoke man came out from behind the same tree as the bearded man. He was dressed lightly and wore a large gold cross around his neck. It matched his hair colour nicely, you think idly as you watch him come closer.


“Mitchel! Come back!” the bearded man screamed once more.

Written by psto1464 on 11 August 2018

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