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All at once, the tension in your stomach released. You didn’t realize you were spraying until you saw the crowd covering their faces and slowly receding back into the murky black shapes of the audience. Even your guardsmen began cowering at the almighty power of your stench.
You were completely humiliated. The people in the back gasped, laughed, and threw rotten fruit onto the stage as you stood there with crooked knees like a weak little cub. From a distance you heard the crowd's laughter; those who were too far to smell were raving with amusement as you stood there visibly shaking. In an instant your footpaws began to carry you away faster than you realized, bolting from the stage, you covered your face in shame as you retreated.
Your face was red and hot as your tears evaporated on your cheeks, it felt like your life was going to be over from embarrassment. After your humiliation you remained cooped up in your room for days, not even remaining up to date with the happenings within your kingdom. The feeling of loneliness gripped hard at your heart, and you had no idea who to turn to; before long your entire being ached for companionship. You didn’t know who to turn to, and you took a moment to mull over your options.

Written by Driftingdragon on 15 October 2020

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