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The first person who came to your mind was your mother. The femenine energy she exudes seemed to be a comforting factor in your decision, and at once you had your guards send for her. You were surprised by how quickly she actually showed up, but when she arrived, you didn’t even have to explain anything to her before she started talking.
“Wow that was pretty bad out there.” she said. Instantly your stomach began to fill with the ice cold rock of anxiety once again. Your eyes fell to the floor, and she didn’t even give you any time to reply. “I’d be pretty embarrassed about this if I were you. Though I don’t think I would have flunked as bad as you did out there.” Your brows furrowed in confusion, and you began to wonder why you had even called her here.
“Can I talk please?” You interrupted her as she opened her mouth; not even letting a sound escape her lips.
“Wow okay, you can just ask, don’t need to be rude…” She said folding her arms defensively. You waited for a moment, just to see if she had anything else snarky to say.
“I DO feel embarrassed about it, that’s why I called for you mother. I’m trying to vent my emotions at you.” You ended as quickly as you began, looking to your elder for approval. SHe let the silence deafen you for a moment, and your expression shifted through a range of emotions in that short amount of time.
“Well what do you expect me to do about THAT?!” Her words cut through you like razor blades, her stinging gaze signaled to you it was your time to talk again.
“Uhm. Well I was just wondering what I could do about that. I mean I invested so much time into the build, I thought it would at least help the kingdom a little-” Your mother cut you off again with an assertive voice.
“Of course it wouldn’t help the kingdom! You saw how awful that reception was, right?”
“Please… Don’t remind me…”
“It sounds like you need reminding. You keep talking about it helping the kingdom.”
“I just wanted to-”
“If anything it’s going to hurt the perception of the kingdom as a whole anyway.” Hearing this caused you to cringe, tears began to well up in your eyes, and the queen gave you a moment to soak in her words.
“You really think-”
“Of course I think you ruined it for yourself- the kingdom- me?!” that wasn’t even what you were going to say, but her assumption continued to break your heart as she berated you with her judgemental tone. Being subject to the queen’s criticism hurt even worse than the millions of staring eyes from earlier.
“You know what. Forget this dumb stuff! You don’t even want to listen.” Your voice became louder, and just as aggressive as hers.
“Don’t raise your voice at me! If you’re so happy to jeopardize our reputation like that, you probably are just as happy jeopardizing your claims to the throne as well.” Her words shocked you to your core.
“Wait wha-”
“DON’T Speak back to me… You’re just proving my point.” you remained silent, unknowing if any particular thing would truly cause her to revoke your claim.
“I’m sorry…” At this point you felt even worse than before, your mother was upset- fuming, and her balled up fists seemed as if she was about to strike you, yet she just turned and left.
“I see how you want to do things…” it was the last thing she said to you before exiting your bedchambers. You had no idea what that meant, but all you could do thereafter was smother your sorrows in the pillow, scream, and cry yourself to sleep.
The following days, you began to feel more isolated from your family. Something seemed different about how they were treating you, and one night you heard from one of your handmaids that the queen actually had revoked your claim to the throne. Your stomach dropped, and you could feel your heart shattering in your chest.
Shortly after, your mother approached you with the same cold isolative tone as before. She told you that you were required to work in order to remain in the castle; otherwise you would be kicked out on the spot. How could she do this to you?! It took a while for the reality to sink in, but after a while, you realized what you had to do.
The rest of your life was awful- a life of servitude for the queen herself, and your life of luxury was therefore over. You were made to serve her every whim thereafter, the crown was passed on to your younger sibling, and even after the queen regent reigned alongside your little brother, you got absolutely none of the limelight, and even afterwards, you were made to serve your king brother. Things didn’t turn out at all how you expected, and there was an emptiness in your heart that grew until it took you over completely

Written by Driftingdragon on 17 October 2020

The end (for now)
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