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The creature that showed up was…well fucked; it looked like a bipedal black panther, but with human arms, a human torso, and a human head…yet the maw was stretched painfully wide, and filled with two rows of dagger like teeth. It was clearly an Augment, and clearly also, he had lost his mind all together. He rushed for Jamie, and she didn’t know what to do…she just froze.
And then something snapped.
A roar of her own left her throat before she knew it, and her body acted in auto-pilot; swinging one of her large paws for the creature and slamming it against his head with a strangely satisfying SMACK that sent him into one of the trees, smashing through it and causing it to fall onto him with a messy, bloody splatter. She had no idea she had such power in her legs but…it felt surreal and yet at the same instance, empowering.
More of those panthers showed up, all sharing the same form as the man; the difference was the females had their breasts on full display. While Jamie would have enjoyed that on another day, this was not that fucking day. Another charged, and another paw swipe, sending this one’s neck spinning and for her body to fall. The tigress taur mixed it up; swinging her wooden spear at another one and lacerating him across the head just as she swung her paws again for another, cleaving his head in two, nearly. They kept attacking, and she just kept fighting. It was fucking thrilling! This felt absolutely astounding.
She could almost get addicted to the combat, if it meant feeling this emotion time and time again.
“Jamie,” She snapped out of her furious daze long enough to notice Steve, holding not only a rolled-up map, but a bag filled to the brim with books and the like. “I got some stuff, but we should vacate this area. No idea how long we have before more Augments show up. C’mon, there’s a cave we can go to for the reading…you’re gonna wanna hear this.” Jamie was once again begrudgingly listening to Steve…because as she grew less and less bloodthirsty, she began to fret and worry.
She actually liked that sort of carnage…hopefully, she could avoid losing herself to it once more.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 05 February 2018

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