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“So, what you’re saying…is we’re fucked?” Jamie had a hard time sitting with her new lower body, but she finally got it down after a lengthy process…though her tail kept curling up too close to her body and she felt the urge rising to catch it. Steve tipped his hand a bit, as the man flipped through the various books and marked down spots on the map with a charcoal pencil.
“Yes and no. Yes, there’s something bad coming, but no, it can be avoided.”
“How ‘bout you cut the bullshit and just tell me. Saves us both a lotta time.”
“…right. None the less, the main path we’d need to take to the Gateway is through here,” He tapped his finger along a drawn in river. “Following this river down and making sure to pass these key landmarks such as the mountain with a turtle’s face, the tree in the shape of an eagle, and various other things. If we do that, in total, the trip should take us about a solid two days, not counting rest stops or unfortunate events transpiring. However, there’s a catch.” He tapped the spot closest to the big black shaded in area; the Gateway’s theoretical destination. “If we take longer than five, the opportunity will be lost.”
“Lost how? Augments blocking the way?”
“Try a fucking monsoon. Those making the map predicted that it comes every month, and when it happens, the Gateway’s grove is flooded and rendered impossible to reach for…about three weeks.”
Three Weeks?!?
“So, if we somehow don’t make it there in three days, we’ll be stuck outside of it for three fucking weeks?”
“Correction, three fucking weeks and with Augments trying to hunt us down and kill us. They’re highly concentrated in that area. As a result, if we set up a base camp there and try to wait it out, we’ll eventually be overrun and overwhelmed…the notes here say there are some pretty gristly ones out there; ones that make those Panthers we just came across look like fucking ants in terms of danger. Even with our combined might, we’d die in seconds.” Jamie sighed, rubbing her hand along her face as she just tried her best to calm down over the situation.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 14 February 2018

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