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“…so, when do we leave?”
“Tomorrow morning; it’ll be too dark to travel soon, and we’ll be unable to see the landmarks as we go, and we may end up taking a longer route. At this point, we have some time to spare but not a lot. We can’t afford to get lost, otherwise, we’ll be up shit creek without a bathing suit.” As much as she hated to admit, he had a fair point. Traveling by daytime, by morning, ensured they ran the best risk of survival; the pros it granted Jamie couldn’t even begin to list off. It irked her that they wouldn’t get there sooner, but she didn’t want to get killed out there…even with her keen eyes and sense of smell, she was still deluded by various factors.
One being overstimulation.
“Alright…when are we gonna eat though? I’m feelin’ puckish.”
“We’ll have to eat tomorrow morning. It’s too late to fish and unless you wanna go out and eat those dead Augments, we’re not really in the market for food options.” Another groan. “Hey, how do you think I feel? This is sorta the daily regiment for me. Dinner isn’t a thing I just get.”
“That explains the twig arms.”
“…y’know, you’re a dick.”

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 23 February 2018

Both Morning

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