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Another fish was speared and tugged from the water; Jamie pulled the still wiggling trout and impaled it onto another wooden stick that was suspended over a roaring fire; next to a few others as he gradually turned the spit, cooking the fish and preparing them for a hearty breakfast. The sun was just barely rising, and as such, the air was a bit nippy. Jamie, on the other hand, waited patiently by the bank of the water, seated once more on her haunches while she watched Steve cook, her stomach giving off low rumbles as she did…the food smelled amazing; this was no doubt to blame on her heightened senses.
“It’s not a five-star meal,” Steve handed Jamie a roasted trout on a stick. “But, it’s edible. Make sure to mind the bones, otherwise you’ll hurt yourself.”
“Yeah yeah, not like I’ve not eaten fish before.”
“…well, have you?” The question caught Jamie off guard, forcing her to look towards Steve with a bewildered expression. “Do you remember eating fish back before you ended up on the Island?”
“I…no…I just…knew that, somehow…like I knew a lot of things.”
“Subconscious memories; everyone here had those. Sure, we couldn’t remember our lives and how we did things, but we could sure as hell remember how to do basic things like eat, sleep, drink, and even more complex things such as make weapons from flint and rock and string up bows. But, no one could remember who they were or what they did before coming here. They just all recall whiteness, and then waking up somewhere here, though most typically, along the beach. We used to form little parties to go search for people waking up so we could bring them in before the Augments got to them. Most times, we succeeded and they were welcomed into the tribe and giving a life until we had a better grasp of this place, and others were attacked and killed by Augments. A small handful were exceptionally troubling; they refused help and tried to venture off on their own, despite the risks and ramifications that come with such foolishness. But, alas and alack, just because someone’s memories are gone, it doesn’t mean their personality is. If they were a rotten piece of shit, they’ll stay as one here.” Jamie went silent…that was how she woke up, with the brightness and the serene scenery until the truth dawned on her, though it seemed some were more fortunate. They didn’t end up like her, with the body parts and desires of an animal flooding and corrupting their minds…just inches away from the dip in sanity and the delving into the darkness that was savage insanity.
Or in this case, less fortunate; they were dead and by some stroke of luck, she had managed to avoid such a fate.
“So, when do we depart, Steve? Breakfast is fine’n all,” She took another bite of the fish, making sure to toss away any bones or even the eyes. “But I really want get some answers and find a way out of here before I go full feral and savage.”
“Gotcha. I prepped some items first, so we’ll be taking them with us. For now, let’s saddle up, and get moving.” The man was already on his feet, moving down away from the water way and snatching up a leather sack, crafted from hide and leather. Jamie had to momentarily marvel at how deftly he worked, but she had to get her own things together; grabbing her spear and bringing it with her. It’d be a long journey, and a long road, but Jamie was confident they’d make it, and get all the answers.
It was either that…or listen to that little, demented voice in her head that was demanding for her to attack, kill, and then eat Steve. She didn’t understand it and she did all she could not to either. It was definitely not something she wanted to deal with when he was the sole reason she’d be getting home.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 03 March 2018

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