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The problem was, even if there was no means to remove this…form…Jamie felt she could stick with it; she had done so for the entire journey, after all.
“Jamie! Drop here!” She heard Steve finally, as she slid, feeling the sand hastily transition into soil, and she was able to place herself against a tree, hearing the rush of wings, as they flew overhead and by.
“…we’re safe,” Steve was set down, the man reaching for his bow and nocking an arrow. “And the gateway’s ahead. If we keep on this course, we’ll get out.”
Why leave…? Why leave…when you’re the apex predator…?
Jamie lightly bapped her head to dismiss those thoughts. She had to escape; she had to flee this demented and confusing world or else she’d never find out who did this, and if it could be fixed, with escaping in general being the very least to come about from reaching the Gateway.
Though, sticking around didn’t seem like the worst thing, either…
The duo pressed on, trekking through the forest while staying low and quiet, doing their best to avoid from alerting any additional Augments that they were around…they were there. Jamie could smell them, at this point. They smelled like a mix of things; primal, feeble, meek, strong, frenzied…no two had the same scent. The strong ones were what made her really…hungry. The ones she had killed in the past…they made her feel absolutely alive. Could she cope with the sensation of being unable to hunt then again?
“Jamie! There!” She was jostled from her thoughts from a dip in the path…and at the very end, submerged in water, was the very pillar they had come so far to reach. Right before it, was a small inlet of land, with several strange metal pillars surrounding it. There was not an Augment in sight…which was worrying. It made no sense. But, she didn’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth. There was their escape, and not a foe in sight; it’d be a clean extraction.
Kill the male…and take your place…

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 13 March 2018

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Both An Alternative to Escape

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