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Jamie shook her head, just in time to watch Steve begin to slide down to reach the water, as the tigress taur did the same, though she panicked when the land gave way and she found herself suddenly up to her neck in water.
“Ack! What the fuck?!” She kicked and kicked with her paws, bringing her torso gradually above the water’s surface and allowing her to remain composed, following Steve who was already making decent strides ahead of her. She had no idea how someone with such…weak physique could swim so far ahead.
He has such powerful muscles…they would taste so delicious…sure there’s no fat…but it’s still good meat.
Drag him under the water, and watch him drown…eat him afterwards.
You are the apex predator; THIS is your domain! Not back there!

The thoughts grew worse; the echoes and roars of her inner thoughts jabbing and piercing at her head, as she felt her feet make landfall on the small inlet, forcing Jamie to drop for a moment, clutching her head.
“…me…Jamie! A…kay?” The distorted, muffled voice of Steve just barely reached her ears. She was…fading in and out; nothing made sense…why was her body failing? “Jamie! Look, we’re almost there! You can do it!”
“Fuck…Steve…something’s not right…” Her gaze lifted, and…she focused on Steve intently. This wasn’t the same normal stare she always gave him laced with disdain and twinges of jealousy for his retaining of his human body…but hunger. Primal, feral hunger…to feel blood wash over her teeth, and to feel skin bundle under her claws.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 18 March 2018

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