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At his home, Daniel decides to pack for the weekend ahead. He packs a sleeping back, a change of
clothes, a first aid kid, and his cellphone, just in case of any emergencies.


Gassan was responsible for bringing enough food for everyone, where Pammy would be in charge of water. David’s only requirement was to have his car in top condition, just in case they needed to go somewhere in an emergency. Stalling and any other car problems would not be suitable for an emergency situation. It’s safe to say that the four kids were more than ready to go.


Daniel’s cellphone rings: Jake is calling. He probably wants to spend the weekend gaming at his house with a few buddies. As usual, he’d be inviting Daniel over. Daniel answers the phone and immediately, Jake starts to ask questions.


“I heard you guys were doing it! You’re really going to that old place?” Jake says, excitedly.


“I guess so,” Daniel responds, zipping up his camping pack, “Let me guess… you wanna come, too?”


“You bet I do! Should I bring anything?”


“Just yourself. I think we have pretty much all we need,” Daniel says, “Just anything you might need, I guess.”


“Cool! I’ll see you guys tomorrow!”

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 26 April 2015

Heading Out

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