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The next day, Daniel stands outside his house with his large pack slung over his shoulder. His mind wanders toward the myths and legends about that old spot, eager to know if any of it is true.


What if the place really is haunted? That’d be kind of cool, I guess, but what if it’s… I dunno. This is crazy. I can’t back out now, though. Everyone will think I’m chicken.


An eerie gust of a light breeze combs through Daniel’s hair, compelling him to look over his shoulder.He sees nothing out of the ordinary. He sees his home, his father’s car, his every day, usual front yard.


David pulls up in his car, “Hey dork!” he jokes, “Hop in, we got breakfast for ya.”


“Sweet, whatdja bring me?” Daniel asks, smiling as he opens the back seat, tossing his bag into far, far back. For a small car, there sure is a lot of room inside.


“We got you a muffin from McDonald’s and I don’t know what you wanted to drink so we just got you a power aide,” Pammy said, passing back my breakfast.“Nah, this is perfect, thanks!”


Gassan is seated next to Daniel, eating his own breakfast, listening to his iPod. Daniel can hear his music blaring from his earbuds as he looks over to him and smiles, giving Daniel a short, small wave.


“Uh, David,” Daniel says, “We’ll probably have to swing by Jake’s place, too.”


“We’re going to a haunted complex, not some convention, did you explain that to him?” David laughs.


“Kinda,” Daniel replies.


“Oh Jake? Yes! Let’s bring Jake, he’s always so nice to talk to,” Gassan smiles, pricking an earbud out of his right ear.


“Alright, he’ll have so squeeze between you guys, though,” David says.


“That’s fine,” Daniel says

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 27 April 2015

All together in the car.

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