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Normally people wake up from falling in dreams, right?


Daniel contemplated that thought while watching the island approaching below. It was his only real sense of motion. This land mass rapidly taking up his vision seemed to be afloat in a black void of nothingness. Daniel could not even feel air rushing against his body. Something that usually came with terminal velocity.


He had little time to question the capacity to breath for that matter. Daniel barely missed a cluster of palm trees as he shot past. The ground remained only a few moments away from embracing Daniel.


It took a few more moments for Daniel to realize he was not going to go splat. There had been no jerking stop of motion, or even a sense of deceleration. It was almost like the island had been moving to match up with him.


Assuming being left suspended four inches in the air was synchronisation. Daniel sighed, working up the courage to try kicking the air. That surprisingly worked, sending him in a slight spin before settling both feet on sandy ground. Gravity finally took hold then to keep him from leaping back off into space or something.


The island surrounding Daniel looked fairly nice, if a bit void of sensations. He could not even feel the bark of the tropical trees when touched one. Definitely the signs of a dream at least.


Especially when Daniel saw them again, as expected. Technically he could not see-see them. Daniel just had that gut feeling after putting up with this for so long. As far back as he remembered they always came without fail every night. The forms might tend to change sometimes but he was sure the shadows peeking out behind the trees were for him. Shapes only lingered outside the corner of Daniel's eyes, vanishing the second he turned to face them.


"What is it this time!?" He tried to cry to the void. Great, not even sound registered to his senses in this place.


Written by DesmondFallout on 03 July 2018


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