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Sitting in the middle of the island was a computer screen.


Approaching the computer it boots up showing a block of computer files.


function loadModel(){
//Set ModelFile = "quadraphil"
//Set ModelFile = "carpetic"
//Set ModelFile = "ralityr"
//Set ModelFile = "sadney"
//Set ModelFile = "listafficess"
Set ModelFile = "bodyinsigns"




Not knowing any better he touches one of the commented out lines of code. Immediately the screen changes.


Compiling new file.
Error detected.....
Only One Model File may be loaded.....
Commenting out last line....
Compiling new file.
Code Compiled
Running new file.


The dream world turns into a bunch of 1s and 0s before breaking up.


Daniel goes into a deep sleep before the alarm clock wakes him back up.


Looking over his body, he finds that he has transformed.


Which line did he press?

Written by catprog on 02 July 2020

The end (for now)

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