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“Hey wait a minute.” You asked. “When I looked at that screen, it seemed that first teleported us. It showed an image of you and your twin together.” the other three looked at you confused.
“Oh yeah, I remember that.” Casey agreed, looking at Barley who nodded as well.
“Uhh.” Jamison looked a bit confused. “What are you talking about? I don’t remember that?” at this point, the feline started looking a bit suspicious as their eyes darted around the room.
“Are you sure about that?” You asked once more. “I was under the impression that you two were absolutely inseparable.”
“Yeah we got uhh, separated at one point.” he quickly picked up on your suspicion and instantly, his demeanor started to break down. “Why are you asking… anyway?” he spat back at you in a bit of a hostile tone.
“I’m just- Wow.” You were taken aback for a moment. “You know what, let’s just move on forward, gotta find the others.” You continued. “Any idea where you last saw Beck?” You asked the Maine Coon.
“No… Uhh… I think it was back that way.” You noticed an odd look from Casey, you could tell that she also figured that something weird was going on with James’s behaviour. You shot her a quick worrying glance and almost instantly she came over to you and quietly shot you her opinion.
“That’s a bit weird too…” she said. “I know what you meant, I remembered that screen being the both of them. AND, this behaviour is really… different for Jamison.” She concluded, her brows furrowed in a confused kind of sadness.
“Really…” You added. “Yeah I can clearly see that for myself.” You added. “What did you want to do about this? What do you think this could be about?” In that moment, Casey looked over her young platoon member for anything else which may have seen out of place.
“Look at that… James is left handed. For some reason his gun is on the opposite side it’s usually on.”
“I see…” You spent a moment, thinking to yourself what this could have been. Suddenly, you snapped into attack mode, scratching your claws at James’s body before being absolutely shocked at what you had seen. Your attack had gone straight through his body as if he were some kind of hologram.
The last thing you saw was his agonized face being ripped to shreds as your body tore apart the light illusion leading you deeper into the pyramid. Everyone else was just as shocked as you were, they all gasped and nearly jumped back in reaction to your sudden flurry of claws and wings when you attacked the illusion.
“Oh my god!” Barley and Casey gasped as you dissipated the illusion.
“I knew it!” You shouted as you showed the others the visual trick which had them almost completely fooled.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 13 January 2022

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