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Pammy gave him a hint of a smile, though, accompanied by those blank eyes, it was not warm, just creepy. “Are you a boy? ...or a girl?”


His eyes widened and he glanced towards the door, taking a half step to try and improve his balance. His whole body felt off, his tail was pulling him in strange ways, even his legs did not quite bend the way they did before. It was taking a surprising amount of effort not to just fall on his newly, furred ass.


He tried to say boy but somehow, the words would just not come out, and that strange, unwelcome pressure in his lungs had returned. “Shouldn’t it be someone else’s turn?” he offered, the words a little clearer than before.


Jake shook his head “This is your day Dan, how could it be someone else’s turn?”


What did that even mean?


Dan smiled nervously, his thick, lower lip, pressed against the cleft of his muzzle in a way that sent unwelcome tingles across his face “No, it’s okay, I am happy for someone else to have a turn”


“Boy or Girl?” asked Gassan and Dan’s lips betrayed him before his mind could even engage.

Written by foxyscribe on 26 April 2017


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