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“I’m a girl Gassan, you know…that” Dan shook his head violently and clasped his hands over his mouth. Could this please just stop?


The sensations assaulted him almost immediately. It was like his whole body was being massaged by gentle, hidden hands. The sensations were pleasant and might have lulled him into a relaxed stupor if not for the adrenalin pumping through his system. Under their invisible, tender ministrations, his body began to change. His gently defined, masculine muscles, purchased with hours of cycling and jogging began to fade into something softer, something more delicious. His ass, thighs and calves began to plump out as if being gently inflated by an air pump while his waist narrowed with an almost audible creak.


The plumping sensations were strangely pleasant and caused a red to suffuse the black fur of his cheeks. He probably should have questioned how he could blush when covered with fur but it was not really a core concern right now.


His muzzle narrowed a little, his eyes widened and his jaw smoothed out. His lower, black lip plumped significantly as silky white hair began to tumble down around his ears and over his shoulders. “Please…stop this” he pleaded, trying to ignore how each word was a little higher pitched than the previous.


A lot of the changes were hidden beneath his clothes but his plumping thighs stretched out his jeans, which creaked and groaned, until the fastening button gave up and pinged across the room. His plumping legs were forcing his gender into the crotch of his jeans, causing significant discomfort but that sensation soon disappeared and despite the relief, he desperately wished that discomfort would return.


The changes seemed to slow, almost no traces of her masculinity were left. Her plump thighs were not just feminine, they were womanly, wide and round, leading to a swollen ass and a gentle curved back. Her narrow waist led up to a smooth chest and elegant neck upon which sat a pretty, feminine face, topped with snowy white, silken hair.


She bit her lip, her cheeks bright, as she felt a powerful sensation in her chest. Her pecks were invisible under her thick, plush white fur (and further hidden beneath a loose t-shirt) but she could feel them filling out, swelling into a pair of small breasts. They continued to grow as her friends watched passively.


Dan just looked around, lost, unsure what to do, as her chest began to tent up her shirt. The sensations as her new breasts gently rubbed against her shirt, were sending pleasant tingles across her form and it just added to a cocktail of confusing emotions that threatened to shut down her mind.


Her shirt was starting to rise now, revealing a pleasant, creamy stretch of white fur, as her breasts grew larger and larger. She looked down and bit her swollen lip. They had to be almost as large as Pammy’s, they certainly weren’t small. Pammy was already the largest on the cheer team and had to be the second or third largest in the school.


Scratch that, they had easily just surpassed her. She blushed brightly as the growth seemed to slow, from here, they seemed simply enormous and they jiggled and bounced every time she moved. Her chest surpassed Pammy by at least a cup, perhaps even two and if she wasn’t now the bustiest in her year she had to be at least equal first.


Pammy did not give Dan time to examine his changes and to her horror asked him another question.

Illustrated by rain soaked puppy

Written by foxyscribe on 06 May 2017

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