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Pammy looked at him blankly “Is that everything?”


Dan shook her head slightly, wasn’t this enough? And what kind of vague question was that? To her horror, however, she could feel an unknown answer welling up inside her, wanting to escape.


“E…everything?” Dan stammered, trying to ignore the sweet, breathy, feminine tone that caressed her lips.


It was David who replied “Yes, Is this everything?”


“N…No” Dan Stammered. She tried to hold back the words but they flowed one after another, like a set of novelty flags pulled from her mouth by a magician. “I am a taur” she shook her head, trying to deny the sound of her own voice. Why had she said that? She wouldn’t even know what that meant if it wasn’t for Jake always trying to show her weird furry stuff.


She felt a gurgling in her stomach as things began to move and shift. This change was a lot more extreme than the others and the sensations were significantly more intense. There was a heat racing through her. A shifting, rolling, bloating sensation in her belly and a heavy powerful pressure at her ass.


She let herself lower to her knees and placed her cute, clawed hands on the ground as she felt a little nauseous. Suddenly, there was a loud crack and she felt like her entire body from the ass down was stretching and pulling away from her. The sensations were honestly, almost impossible to describe as her legs distorted and split into two with a loud, sickly, wet snap. The sound was kind of disgusting, like the snap of wet wood and the sensations, while neither painful nor pleasurable, were overwhelming. The world blurred and the edges of her vision faded to black. The sensation of pressure should have been deeply unpleasant but it wasn’t, it was however, so intense, that it was hard to think about anything else.


Dan could not focus at all but she could feel her belly distend and grow plump. She could feel a second pair of legs slide across the thin carpet, her claws giving slight resistance as they were pushed further and further from her front. She could feel her tail grow larger and plusher, perhaps the weirdest sensation since it shouldn’t even have been there in the first place!


The world started to come into focus shortly before the changes had completed and she looked back in shock to find that she was enormous! A huge plump, skunk body emerged from her waist. Her legs were still changing, becoming less human, the feet becoming paw like, her hips swelling and the femurs lengthening as they lost almost all traces of humanity; only a hint of feminine exaggeration remained. As they completed, she realised her clothing had been destroyed and all that remained was her shirt, tented over her enormous breasts.

Illustrated by rain soaked puppy

Written by foxyscribe on 11 May 2017

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