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A fly buzzes around your head, and you angrily swat at it, wondering how it got in the room. As your hand connects with it, satisfyingly flinging it against the wall, you hear a loud shriek from the other room, nearly making you fall off the couch.


"WHAT are you doing?!" You hear your sister yell as she storms into the room. As you wonder how she saw you from all the way in the kitchen, she stomps over to the little fly and cups in in her hands. You scoff as she walks over to the screen door and lets the little bug go free, then angrily turns to you. "You KNOW that could've been a jumper, you idiot. Why on Earth are you so careless!? What if you were in some other dimension and some big giant fly smacked you against a wall?!"
You sigh and roll your eyes, glaring at her. "That'll never happen because I don't ever plan to jump. There's too much risk involved. Who knows what I'll end up as? It's not like I get to choose."


Apparently you gave the wrong answer, indicated by a pillow being thrown in your direction. "But what if someone switches into YOU?"


You grumble and leave the couch, apparently not going to watch TV after all. Ever since the government made the 'Jump Start' known to people, life hadn't been the same. Although in practice for most, society had just found something else to argue the morality of.


The Jump Start was when the first person 'jumped' realities. Turns out the person he replaced was some governor in Wyoming. People noticed right away, and the guy was sent over to some secret base for testing. Luckily, despite everyone's worst fears, he wasn't some kind of supervillain or anything, and he came clean about jumping. Basically, people were able jump realities and switch bodies with another person, animal, or any living thing. A lot of people don't do it because of the risks involved, and some even went so far as to get 'mind-locked', a secret procedure used by the government to keep them from getting switched into. Only rich people could afford to be mind-locked though, so a lot of the population had to live in fear of suddenly being zapped out of their bodies without warning.


You walk to your room in a huff and slam the door, just sort of mad in general. At the situation, at your sister, everything. It's not like you stabbed someone. Just swatted a little fly.


Right as you're about to fall into your bed, you feel a strange pulling sensation all over your body. Like your soul is getting sucked through a vacuum cleaner. Before you can even scream for help, you feel yourself plopping in a chair and falling forward. Quickly trying to catch yourself, you slam your hand into a bar table, spattering a nearby group of people with booze and food. As your vision becomes cloudier, you see the faces start closing in around you. Whoever zapped you here better have had a damn good reason?


Written by Zorpix on 29 October 2014

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