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As the faces close in around you, you suddenly realize why someone might have wanted to switch out of here. Bastard. Maybe there's a way to talk yourself out of this.


"Hey! Hold up!" You yell, surprised you still have your old voice. The other guys seemed surprised too, as the stopped dead in their tracks. Good. At least you have their attention. "I'm not? whoever you?re looking for. He just switched realities with me. I just wanna get home, and then you can beat this guy to a pulp all you want."
The burly guys look at you like they still really want to hurt you, but somewhere in their drunkenly glazed eyes, you see a bit of understanding.
"One of our buds got switched a few weeks ago. Get lost, asshole."
Nodding curtly, you stand to dash out of the bar. However, your feet catch on each other and you feel your head start swimming. With a loud crash, you fall to the floor of the bar, invoking the laughter of just about everyone in the room. Apparently drunkenness doesn't transfer bodies. That bit stays. Giving a cheeky little wave to everyone else in the room, you pick yourself up and stumble out of the bar.


The place you've been taken looks fairly similar to your reality. Normal looking buildings and skyline. It looks like you're in some kind of city, with buildings stretching up high above your head. People line the city streets, but you can't make out any distant figures due to your drunken vision.


As someone bumps into you, you hear them call out "Watch it, scale face!" Scale face? What the heck was that supposed to mean? Looking down to your body for the first time since transporting, you realize what has happened. The body of the guy who switched with you was a lizard man! It wasn't your legs you tripped over in the bar, it was your tail!


As people bustle about you, you realize you have to get moving, else risk being run over. Looking left and right, you don?t see anything particularly helpful for getting back to your own life, so either way is going to just be a gamble.


There are some differences though. To the left, you see more city-like buildings, tall and bright. To the right, you see a more residential area that looks a bit quieter. You weight the options in your head. There might be places in the city that specialize in this kind of thing, but you?re not sure you want to risk wandering around in a big city you know nothing about. As for the residential area, there may be people who have had to deal with things like this before, and they may be more welcoming as well.


Your head starts swimming from your drunkenness and all the thoughts running around your head. Leaning back against the bar a bit, you wait until your vision clears before making your final decision.


Written by Zorpix on 29 October 2014

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