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You decide your chances of finding someone helpful will be better in the city. More people, more opportunity, right? Still stumbling a bit, you realize it may not have been drunkenness that was causing you pain, but the weird feelings your stomach gave from the switch. After all, some people's hearts couldn't take it, and they died while switching. If you were drunk though, you'd still be feeling the effects. Your headache and dizziness were slipping away, though.


As you walk further in the city, you realize what really sets this city apart from your own. It's full of animal creatures! You couldn't really tell back in the bar due to your blurred vision, but now that you were in a busier area, it was impossible to mistake the foxes, skunks, dragons, and other creatures that surround you. Feeling a bit awkward in your new body, you pull your tail closer, still getting the hang of working the muscles. At least no one will think you look too out of place.


It's easy to get sidetracked by all the strange beings around you, but with some effort, you manage to retain your focus on finding someone to help. Back in your reality, there was only one way to return to your own world. People had developed a machine that dealt with some kind of space-time mumbo jumbo. Whatever it was, it brought people back into their own bodies, usually successfully. However, that was expensive as hell.


The crowd around you has thinned out a bit, and the lights of the city have grown a bit darker. The smell of garbage and wet fur reaches your nose, and you feel bile rising in your throat. The air is hotter, and the atmosphere has a certain grunge to it. It's painfully obvious that you've reached the bad part of town. You don't really see that many other people (or furs, or what have you), but there are shadows coming from alleys, and intermittent weird noises coming from a few different directions.


Dirty neon signs and shop names line the street on either side, grime so thick you can smell it from where you stand. Who could ever help you in this place? As you're starting lose hope along with your lunch, you feel like turning back any second. Suddenly, as if by magic, a large neon sign flickers to life that reads: "Stuck in Reality?". There's an arrow pointing down below it toward the building it's attached to. Running over to the place, you glance in the windows, hoping you find something useful.


Sadly, all the windows are blocked by large black shades, preventing any knowledge about the inside of this place. Is fixing reality jumping illegal here? Maybe it's some kind of occult magic? You press your ear to the door, trying to hear anything you can. Faint music is all your ears can pick up.
At any rate, you wonder if you should enter the store or just keep wandering around, preferably in a different direction.


Written by Zorpix on 22 December 2014

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