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"Well that suit seems to be adapting quite well to her."The person said, looking over the 5 active screens.


He reaches up and turns one of the screens off. The last thing on the screen was the robot that used to be Dave.


"I wonder what the fate of the other 4 are going to be."He said as he sat back down.


Meanwhile, Daniel had come across where the others had gone, finding they were smart enough stick together. Daniel stopped to catch his breath, finding he wasn't that winded. "Wow."He stood there. "I... I ran maybe... uh."


"You ran nearly a mile and you can still run more. Your current form is designed to be the best physically possible. Agile, strong, and more."Michelle said.


"Wow. I could get used to this. Aside from the breasts of course."


"It's needed to give you the best flexibility as possible. However, if you wish to become bulky again, I might as well give you that."


"No... I... I um... I like this. It'll help out. Plus as you said, it would allow me to hide my real identity a lot easier."


Michelle chuckles. "Your like most males. They are curious about females."


"N-no. I'm not curious."Daniel blushed.


"Ok then, Danielle."Michelle laughs, making Daniel blush even more.


"It is Daniel and not Danielle."


"Right now it is. Your a girl, and Daniel's a boy's name."Michelle giggled.


"So where did all this stuff come from anyway?"she asks.


"The people who ran this facility brought it here. I would assume that, like me, all this was technology from downed ships of various species."


"Wait... are you saying that.... the..."Daniel stammered.


"Say it. The alien conspiracy is real."Michelle ended.


"But how have they kept the weapons needed to bring the ships down secret?"Daniel asks.


"Well I believe most of them simply crashed."Came the response from Michelle .


"I know that. But how could they keep this stuff secret? Transporting all this tech here?"


"How else? Claim they were part of meteor showers, which half is actually true. I was part of one. And take the tech apart carefully. There are some things they have been messing with for nearly 40 years now and haven't got working properly."


"Such as?"Daniel asked.


"Um... well, they can transport inorganic matter from one place to another without problems."




Michelle sighed. "Transporters. Like from Star Trek? They can't get it to transport living matter though. They've had... set backs... to say the least."


Daniel gulped, knowing about stuff like that. "I...I see. Thank you for not going into detail. How do you know about Star Trek anyway?"


"Your mind. We are joined together now. I've been learning about your culture by scanning your mind."


"I see. So can you do anything about looking for the other 2?"


"Of course. Hold on. Let me try something."


Daniel took a deep breath, and felt his vision changing. Suddenly he was seeing through walls, and saw the skeleton frames of his friend's bodies, wandering the halls not 30 feet from where she stood. She looked up and down, but for some reason the floor appeared perfectly black, like something was blocking her vision.


"What is this?"Daniel asked, looking around in awe.


"Well, your culture would dub it ‘X-Ray Vision', however that isn't what it is. Your just seeing beyond the walls and ceiling. I don't know why the floor is blank though."


"I see. Well we need to get going after them"


"Just follow the paths, using the translucent walls to help you find your way."


Daniel nodded, and walked slowly and quietly towards his friends. "I hope they're alright."


"So am I."

Written by Universal6 + Catprog on 07 February 2012

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