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Daniel tries to find a way to her friends but before she can get to them, they stop moving and their skeleton starts to change.


Daniel stops and look through the wall to them, confused as she sees the bones expanding and shifting, mostly around their waists and faces. The bones around their waist started pulling back behind them, the spines getting longer. It looked like the rears had been changed, and the new rear bones grew more, growing two hind legs, with pawed feet. The normal legs reshaped, feet turning into paws.


Daniel finally find a way to them and when she arrives they are banging frantically on the doors of a machine that they are trapped in.


"H-hold on! I'm coming!" Daniel yelled, and tried to open the metal door. It was bolted shut. "Grr. Damn it!" She groaned and gripped it hard. "Gotta... get this..... open!!"
She watched as the bones of their faces changed, slowly the face bending and curving outwards, the nose flattening and becoming one with the upper jaw, the lower one getting longer and wider. The teeth grew bigger and sharper.


"What is happening to them?" She asks Michelle.


"They're changing. But... I don't remember hearing about anything around here that could do this."


Daniel groaned and continued to pull on the door, and suddenly it ripped off.


There is a buzzing sound coming from inside the room, which dies down almost immediately, with a whooshing noise and then smoke slowly filling from the side.


There was the sound of coughing, and groaning, but the voices sounded higher in pitch.


Daniel carefully walked into the room and looked inside, and gasped as he saw two creatures on the ground, laying against the wall. Looking them over, he could tell they weren't human, but apparently looked like felitaurs. Female felitaurs when he saw the mounds of fur on their chests. It was hard to believe that he saw these two creatures were human before.


"Gassan? Jake?" She walked up to them.


They looked up at her in fear and surprise, and then screamed at the top of their lungs, which due to their bodies having 2 sets of lungs was quite loud.


"Who are you!?" The white tigress screamed.


"It is me, Danielle." Daniel said to them and then to Michelle. "Why can't I say my name?"


"Because your female now." Michelle responds cheerfully. "You don't want to let them know who you are, right?"


"I... but these... they both are... they're female." Daniel groaned. "They have to know that they have a friend who understand their.... situation."


"Hmm... Alright." Michelle said.


"Sorry .. I am Daniel, the suit changed me into this and would not let me tell you who I was."


Gassan and Jake stared up at Daniel in shock, then at each other, and back to Daniel. "R-really?" If they hadn't been changed just a few minutes ago, they wouldn't believe the dragoness standing before them.


She nods "Apparently it can change me back but it doesn't want too. Did you touch anything on the machine before you got stuck in there?"


They looked at each other, then up to Daniel. "Well, yeah. That... that board over there." The panther looked over to the far wall, where there was a switch board.


Daniel turned and looked at it. "Hold on." She walked up to it, her tail trailing behind her. She could almost feel Gassan and Jake staring at her body. Daniel approached the wall, and looked at the board. Both switches on it are in the middle, apparently rusted there. "Did you touch the switch?" She looked at the two taurs, noticing them fidgeting a bit. "Something wrong?"


The blushed under their fur, only the tigress appearing pink under her white fur, the panther's black fur hiding the redness. "Um..."


"They're not completely female, Danielle." Michelle said. "From what I can tell, they are dual-gendered."


Michelle stared at them, then blushed herself and looked away, back to the board. "What did you touch on here?"


"We..." The tigress looked at the panther. "Gassan stepped in there while I looked at the board. I didn't mean to trap him in there, but I just touched a light on there, and suddenly his door closed. I didn't know what to do. The switches wouldn't move. They were just stuck there."


"Yeah. It still wasn't a good idea to walk into your chamber to find a way to get me out." The panther, named Gassan, growled, and immediately blinked when she heard the sound coming from hir throat.


The tigress, apparently Jake, hung hir head. "The door to my chamber closed, and that's when we started changing into these.... shapes."


Daniel looked the board over. "Let me try something." She reached out to the board and carefully pressed a button. Looking at the chamber, she saw nothing happen. Again, she pressed a button. Nothing happened. She pressed a bunch of buttons, but still nothing happened.


"Maybe it's those switches. They need to be repositioned." Jake said.


Daniel looked at them, and tried to pull on them. They creaked, but didn't move. "Come on." She pulled them down, but they were too rusted. "Come on!" She growled and pulled so hard that the entire board creaked and suddenly ripped from the wall, knocking her back. Slowly sitting up, Daniel looked at the hole in the wall with various wires sticking out of it, and then at the remains of the board in her claws. "Shit."


Jake and Gassan stared at the scene. "W-what happened? What did you do?" Gassan asked.


"It's broken." Daniel groaned. "The machine is broken."


"What does this mean? Can we still change back?" Gassan looked at Jake in fear.


"No. It doesn't. With it broken, we won't be changing back any time soon. If that could have done it that is."


Gassan looked at Daniel, then at hir front paws. "Not good."


Jakes looked at hir, then turned to Daniel. "Do you know what happened to the others?"


Daniel looked at them with worry in her eyes. "They... Dave is... he's been turned into a machine. And Pam is missing. I can't find her. Even my X-Ray vision can't find her."


"You can see through walls?" Jake looked at Daniel in awe.


Daniel nodded. "Among other things. Can you both stand?"


They try to stand and while their front legs follow the instructions, their back legs remain lying down.


"What about your hind legs?" Daniel asked.


"It's hard. We can't get them to move."


"Why not?"


"We weren't born like this!" Jake yelled, a small roar in hir voice. "I don't know how to move these limbs. Our brains can't handle them."


Gassan groaned, using hir arms to hold hirself up, as shi worked on moving the hind legs. They shook a lot as they slowly stretched, allowing hir to stand up. Gassan panted in exhaustion, feeling slightly different in hir head, somehow the struggle to get the legs moving making hir mind rewire itself to the new body.


Jake stared at Gassan in surprise, and with renewed hope, tried to focus and force hir own mind to finally be one with hir body, to stand hirself up. With much effort, shi found hirself standing in the chamber, panting heavily.

Written by Universal6 + Catprog on 27 March 2012


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