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He decided to approach them, to see what was troubling them; perhaps it wasn't the time to discuss the issue he was facing, for he had the feeling that their problem was bigger than a mere inconvenience. There always were other times to do it, if he would remember about it that is; as time would pass, he would probably forget about it, making him realize that this was just a minor problem...
As he advanced toward them, they stayed silent, a sign that made him nervous; it was the first time that they didn't greet him when he was in sight. Perhaps he could leave them to their plans, so he would be able to avoid a troublesome situation and an engagement that could place his situation into a troublesome situation. He would face guilt, but it was a small price to pay for a tranquility of mind, until it would be back to haunt him later in his life.
He wanted to talk, but revise his tentative when he saw that one of his friend was about to do the same; although he wasn't sure what was going on lately, he was sure that this announcement of sorts would casts some lights on the situation. He kept his hopes up; if he would indulge in gloom, then there would be no point in staying there and waiting for the situation to unfold, for he would be able to predict what would happen next anyway.
``Recently, there was some strange events that happened when I was asleep; I'm not sure how to describe them or why they are happening, but I know that what happened is real and cannot be blamed on a hallucination or a sleep deprivation'' said David, looking around, as if a hidden person was listening to him.
He wondered why his friend acted in such a way; it wasn't like him to be suspicious and nervous like that. But as the subject he mentioned was the same he wanted to discuss; was it a coincidence or fate that played a cruel trick on him, giving him the same destiny as his college?
``Before you ask questions; yes, I did call the authorities and inspected my house. There was a chance that the incident was nothing more than the wind, or an animal or even a burglar, trying its luck at my place, but it wasn't the case. Nothing was stolen and the report from the police was negative; I want to add that they were unhelpful with the case, as if this was more of a nuisance than anything else. Perhaps there is something there too'' David told them, as he looked around once again, as if unknown forces were spying on them at the moment.
But he agreed that the description of the situation, as vague as it was, was close to what he lived recently; of course, David could have made the story up, to play a joke on them, but the fact that he was acting in such a way was mining the credibility of such a theory. Or perhaps it was an elaborate ploy, one that was beyond his capacities; either way, he would stick around...
``You know David, I didn't want to talk about this, but it seems like I lived the same experience not so long ago. I don't remember much of it, for it was late in the deep of the night, but I remember a presence in my room, one that I couldn't explain. At first, I thought it was one of my parents that went into my room, to check if I was asleep or something like that; not that it was reassuring, but at least, I could have explained the sensation. As creepy as it could have been, it wasn't the case; they are protective, but not to that extreme, for they were sleeping that night. I decided then to look around, determined on finding the tracks of a potential home invader or burglar, but it was pointless; there was nothing to be found, no items were missing and no prints were left. Perhaps it was just the work of my fevered imagination, but I could swear that there was something in the room, looking at me...'' said Gassam, taking a moment of silence as he finished his sentence.
Again, the coincidence where strange, almost planned, as if someone wanted to send a particular message; but that would be indulging in some low level conspiracies and paranoia thought Daniel, as he tried to remember what happened that night. Perhaps if he focused on the events enough, he would be able to remember a crucial element, one that could change the entire scenario.
But would he be capable of such a feat, while the rest of his friends were trying to remember the events that took place during the night, creating an impressive tapestry. If he would have paid attention to it, he would have realized that all the stories were similar, as if an entity was pulling the string behind it, creating the perfect illusion to lure them in; but that wasn't his priority, for the moment.


Written by zanian on 24 June 2014


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