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There was a strange memory that seemed to be floating in his mind; could it be a remain of his night, a dream that never saw an end? Or was it something else, an element that could have an importance in understanding the situation?
It was blurry, imprecise at best; a remnant of a dream or nightmare, it was still vivid, too alive to be a simple creation of his mind. He had the memory of a strange being roaming his bedroom, looking everywhere, as if it was searching for something.
It was a beast, one that defied his imagination; perhaps it was just his subconscious trying to pass him a message, but he wasn't a fan of these interpretations. It would be too easy to deny what happened, or maybe he was just scared to admit that life was just bland, a passage before he would grow up and go search a job, entering the market like the rest of his colleagues. It was a reasonable fear, but it wouldn't make sense that it was the reason to cause such an interpretation. There was another reason, one that made more sense...
One that could explain why his friends were also affected by this situation; perhaps he should stop trying to figure out extreme explanations on a situation that didn't need them in the first place. Life was not always a path of thorns, made to destroy those that crossed it; a black and white vision that wasn't productive in this situation.
He wanted to think beyond this limitation, to see the world for what it was; sometime, there were elements that escaped one's logic, even though there was an urge for it to triumph over such odds. Perhaps he shouldn't indulge in nonsense, but what he saw was real...
He wasn't sure if his friends saw the same thing as he did, but when he heard that they wanted to go to a specific area, to clear the story up, he became suspicious; if this was a simple dream or a hallucination, then why did they have that common goal? Perhaps it was a way to cope, or way to change their mind, but there was something odd with it.
``In the event, I remember hearing about a strange area, in a forest, one that could solve this dilemma; perhaps it is just an illusion, just a figment of my imagination, but there was something troubling about it, as if it was calling me. One could believe that it was a sign of a greater event to happen, but I have the conviction that it is a clue, one that we should follow. But to do so, we will name a volunteer, for we cannot all go there together; perhaps we could vote on that matter, letting the group decide. Or we could let the abilities choose for us, so we would have a best chance of achieving success'' said Gassam, looking around, and then stopping his gaze on him. What could this mean? Was this a ploy to make him think that there would be a chance that he wouldn't be picked? Cursed be his foolhardiness; people always believed that he was prone to foolish acts, uncaring about the possible consequences of his actions. A false perception that would lead him to his demise one day, but for now it was a painful reminder of his past behavior.

Written by zanian on 01 July 2014


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