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"I-I've never been so cold in my life!"


"M-M-Me neither!"


Everyone's teeth chattered, but otherwise they made very little noise save for the crunch of snow beneath their feet on every step. They trudged through the bitter landscape, searching for trunks or signs of other players.


"There's gotta be something here!"


"Oh, there is something," an unfamiliar voice boomed from behind the group. They swiveled, guts dropped together at the sight of the massive, long-bearded giant towering over them.


"There is the frost giants!" The reaver boomed, snarling a glinting grin down at everyone as he hefted up a massive battle ax in one hand.


"Which little kitty would like to die first?" His laugh echoed in the open, frozen space before he swung down. The feline hybrids scattered, cries bursting out in puffs of visible breath. Their frozen feet sudden became limber and quick once again as the battle broke out.


Within an hour, the white ground was red.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 04 April 2017

Both Caves

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