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"Lord, I feel like we haven't seen the sun in days..."


"Days? How can you even call them that, it's pitch black down here!"


After the snowy plains, the exploration party had taken to the caves that dove into the mountain. Markedly warmer, they still came with no sunlight and only the constant, dank dripping of the rocky runoff oozing onto their back in a constant trickle.


"I'm so tired..."


"And we still haven't found a single sign that we can ever get out of here..."


"Just new sorts of terror-"


"Our numbers are dwindling-"


They'd learned, as they walked, no one spawned nearby. They could only hope the fallen spawned near their original home instead, but even the faith in that idea was starting to fade.


"Don't worry" you encouraged, trying to act chipper though every pad on your foot was throbbing with each step down.


Only aching groans responded to you, but onwards you marched together until, at long last, you spotted something in the distance.


"Is... is that a city?"


"Underground? It can't be!"


"We're seeing things!"


"Why... Greetings strange felines-" Everyone froze at once at the chocolatey voice calling out to them from the archway framing the beautiful expanse of architecture within. They turned to see a slender elf, body garbed in loose robes laid beneath accenting armor plates. "Welcome to Underrealm. What brings you here to us?" Her eyes shifted from each chakrat to the next, sizing them up like she was imagining what their weight in gold would be.


"Please, let me welcome you into our beautiful city... I'll be happy to offer refreshments-"


"Food?" A hushed voice of awe escaped one of your party, the pure delight and surprise in the outburst enough to make the drow giggle to herself before she waved the group forward. "Yes, yes. Food, water, plentiful rest!" She led the way through long winding paths until they passed through doorways of heavy metal and carved rock designs to enter a massive open hall.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 13 April 2017

Both Sacrifice

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