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You head back out from the exhibit, and look around the zoo. It seems like you are in the aquatic section, you spot many people in the exhibits, you wave to them but it is almost like they can't see you.


You find your way to a restaurant and the waiter smiles at you. "Welcome" she says "Have you gone into an exhibit?"


You nod "The dolphins"


She nods "Sounds like you want a fish dish then."


You smile "Sure."


She comes back and places a pile of raw fish on the table. You notice that she seems to have fins for ears. You shake your head in shock. "Miss? Your ears...what's wrong with them?" You ask, ignoring your fish.


"What do you mean?" she asks.


"They are fins!"


"Thank you. Our costume designers are quite good" she says laughing.


"They look real."


She looks around before reaching up to her ears and pulling the fin off to show you. Now her ear is human. "See, costume."


"Oh.." You look to your fish as she walks away. They are definitely shake your head. Ewww.


Still they are free, perhaps they might be ok?


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 14 September 2015

Eat the fish

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