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You pick up a fish and put it in your mouth, biting down...immediately you spit it out, but there was something about that tast...


You take the next one and swallow it, followed shortly by the rest of the fish on the plate. You give a burp, surprised at eating all those raw fish...speaking of eating, were your teeth a bit sharper...and did you swallow all those whole?


Your thoughts are interrupted by a beach ball bopping you on the head. "And now for the next stage of the behind the scene experience. Dolphin training" you hear as the waiter returned.


You look up and see the waiter a sleek blue dolphin trainer's suit. "Ummm...why?" You ask.


"The full behind the scene experience. You get a dolphin training session as the dolphin."


"Okay...crazy lady...I'll go now." You say, standing up.


"Don't you want more fish? That is part of the session as well"


You notice her ears extending into deep blue fins again and run out in shock, grabbing a fish on the way.

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 21 September 2015

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