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You head out of the zoo for home. On the way home you notice your town has changed drastically. Most houses look like large fish tanks now...and in those tanks were humans...or sort of. You walk up to one of them. There is a family swimming around inside. A family with tattered clothing hanging off withering arms. Clearly becoming some kind of sharks. You gasp and recoil from the tank..these are humans....turning into animals!!! You run back to the street.


The others houses have suffered the same fate. Whales, various fish every human you see is now part aquatic creature. That must be what they meant by you being a dolphin.


But no...this can't be right. People don't just up and turn into sea creatures! This is some kind of trick. You shake your head in denial and press on.


You scratch an itch on your arm and when you feel your fingers slip on your skin you look down to see gray, rubbery skin. They really are turning you into a dolphin! Now how do you fight this?


You decide to try and get out of range of the cursed zoo. First you head to your house, you need to get some things.


Unfortunately for you when you get home you find the zoo has claimed the house. The outside of your home was now glass, and inside you can see a crystal clear pool of water taking up most of the floor...and in that pool you can see a semi gray shape.


"Star!" You cry out, bursting through the door.


The dolphin in the floor pool cries out at you , no trace of human in the voice assuming that the dolphin was her.


"Star! Is that you!?" You ask in shock. You think you can see a patch of pink on the dolphin's back but you can't be sure. And even that is fading into gray as you watch.


The dolphin calls out again at the name and splashes water at you with a flipper.


The water soaks your arm and you laugh despite yourself. The laugh is cut short when you see the gray on your arm where the water hit. The patch had covered your whole right arm. It was slick and rubbery, and was spreading! In shock you watch as your whole right arm...down to the hands is covered in the dolphin skin. Yelping, you run out.


Behind you the water drips down onto the floor , the water spreading out and enlarging the pool.

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 22 September 2015

Try to escape the zoo's range

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