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You've seen enough zombie movies to know what is going on. Your girlfriend is an animal. And had you stayed much longer you'd be in that pool with her. You look down at your rubbery right arm in shock, the fingers are sticking together a bit. "Would it be so bad? She is your mate." A thought came, unbidden, to your mind.


"No" you say aloud and run away. Now they are trying to modify your mind as well as your body.


You decide to try and run as far as you can...but house after house proves that this zoo seems to have a huge range. What humans there are have gills, fins, or some other manner of aquatic adaptation. "You need to adapt too!" A happy voice in your mind says.


"Are you real or just a figment of my imagination" you say out loud.


"I'm you silly!" The voice says as your right hand melds together into a rubbery gray lump.


"You mean the dolphin that is taking over." you say "I have no way of telling you that I don't want to be a dolphin right?"


"No dolphin is taking over! You are a dolphin! Always have been one! Your true self was taken from you at birth!" Your right arm suddenly shrinks into your body, leaving you with a pectoral flipper.


"But we are not in water. If you turn me into a dolphin then we will be stuck."


"Stop this you business. I'm you! You have the brains to know when you need to get to water!" Now your left arm starts to gray out.

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 23 September 2015

Head away from all water

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