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For hours he searched the ‘Net on anything related to Area 50. There wasn’t much because, again, the place itself was rather uninteresting. There were a few new stories on it sure, but those were all about some vagabonds that had made the place their home before leaving after a particularly egregious flood. Other than that, there was nothing much of interest.


Afterwards, he began to look for anything related to strange green glows and people turning into foxes. The first came up with all sorts of things, but nothing related to Area 50 or foxes. Most of it was just about aliens or some hackish fantasy story. Searches for people turning into foxes turned up with much, much more, but nothing useful, just myths and legendsand strange stories written by stranger people.


He sighed and went back to bed. His mother along with his father would be home soon, and neither of them would like it if they found him on the computer “playing games.” So, he stayed in bed until his mother came by later to check on him. He said he was doing much better and would like dinner for much. He ate dinner with his family and no one seemed perturbed that they were eating with a humanlike fox. The chat was casual and rather boring, so he excused himself early to return to his room. He considered contacting his friends once inside, but he decided against it. He had just spent time alone and he just wanted to be alone.


Daniel played games the rest of the night before heading to bed. Lacking any inertia and
thus tired from a day of practically doing nothing, he fell fast asleep.

Written by skiesofsilver on 17 March 2017

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