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Daniel squirmed in his sleep. He dreamt of the Area 50 and the green glow. He thrashed about in discomfort, and in those movements he began to further change.


With each wiggle under the covers, his hips expanded wider and wider. When he grabbed onto the sheets, his clawed fingers shrank daintier still and while his head turned over from side to side on his pillow, his scarlet hair grew long and soft down to his shoulders. Unconsciously he wrapped his covers around himself, covering his snout and eyes as if that would blind him from the glow. Instead, his muzzle grow out longer and his closed eyes shifted beneath his lids, their hue changing from blue to green. Then he shivered as the glow got closer in his dream, bringing fear and a coldness in his crotch. He shivered as his masculinity began to shrink away, disappearing quickly and smoothly into a cleft that now marked her as female while at the same time something grew out from the base of her spine, a small nub that quickly sprouted into a bushy red tail marked with white at the end. She shivered again, but then her underwear began to change, shrinking down into a pair of pink panties that kept her warmer.


Her nightshirt too began to shrink down, dark hue lightning to pink as it shortened so that her belly could be seen. Shortly afterwards, she tossed and turned, newly growing lumps bouncing this way and that as they swelled into full, firm breasts. It was only when her shirt shrunk further still so that it fit snugly against her new breasts that the dream came to an end and she had some comfort. She returned to pleasant sleep, hugging her pink covers to her white-furred breasts.

Written by skiesofsilver on 27 March 2017


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