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A few hours later, Daniel awoke not of her own accord, but because she had the sudden urge to pee. She yawned and stepped out of bed, too sleepy to notice anything had changed just yet. She didn’t even turn on the lights as she made her way towards the toilet. The lid was already open so all she had to do was reach down and--


Except nothing was there, nothing that was male at least. Groggily Daniel felt around and then touched something that certainly hadn’t been there before.


Daniel shrieked and then clamped his hand to his muzzle. What had come out of his mouth didn’t sound like him at all--it sounded more like a frightened girl!




Daniel looked down at herself and even in the dark she could spot the differences, the obvious ones at least. On her chest beneath her pink--pink!--nightshirt were two palpable lumps. Past that was her thin waist and wide hips, followed by even pinker panties that she peeked in for just a moment, whimpering again at what she saw. She wasn’t just a fox humanoid anymore--she was an anthro vixen!


Just as she thought this, she heard someone open her door.

Written by skiesofsilver on 05 April 2017


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