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"Is there anything there?!" You blurt, feeling a fluttering second of concern. Then, sitting in the center in the dark dip of the box, you spot a thin volume of pages.


"A book?"


You gingerly grab for the thin collection, lifting it up and thumbing open the cover with squinted brows. You flip rapidly through the pages, glancing at the letters streaming across the headers: "Empathy, Telepathy... Telekinesis... Astral Projection... Teleportation..." You pause, squinting harder. "What is this even about?"


You slow down, turning back to the first page to stare down at the introduction to the book with a more calculating pair of eyes.


"Chakrats have long been furthering their knowledge base and studying the existence of extrasensory abilities within their species. In other words, chakrats have been known to have or develop psychic abilities though western civilization often refutes this fact..."


"W-what?" You whisper, almost disbelieving the page in front of you. All around you, the silence of the snow continues to hum around you, but above the light of the day is starting to fade into a fresh evening. Though, you don't notice as the light begins to disappear from the sky, you're too locked on what's in front of you, this new information.


"There are several types of powers that can develop in chakrats. Typically, one being will only experience one talent, though most chakrats have some ability in Empathy."


"Empathy? Just... like regular empathy?" Your forehead is wrinkled with thought, brows knitting together as you stare hard at the pages, holding the book harder.


All around you, the night is rapidly deepening. The moon is starting to rise and take the place as the water guard of the earth below as the sun slips away for its lunch break. As darkness falls, the wind starts to whistle louder in the distance, foreshadowing the shift from the minimal threat of day to the more serious game of the eve.


"The other abilities are less common, but often more likely to develop into stronger powers. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, and Teleportation are not often recorded in a chakrat but they are the basic powers that can develop. Other powers can develop based on combinations of those bases. For example, technomancers is a combination of telepathy, telekinesis, and astral travel to achieve entirely new skills than any one of the three skills could do alone. To further the example..."


"W-what? Wow! I wonder if anyone else knows this!" You feel your fingers thumbing through the rest of the book. "There's so many pages... That's a lot... to know.." You suddenly look up, realizing the closing in of the darkness. At the same time, you hear a distant howl thrumming through the air.


"If I die... I'll loose this book."

Written by Picklessauce69 on 04 June 2017

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