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Your stomach starts to sink. "Night is falling, and I have to read this book!"


You rapidly shuffle forward with the beating, pounding rhythm of your heart starting to quicken with each and every passing second.


"How am I going to defend myself and read this at the same time?" You fret, muttering to yourself while your eyes rapidly scan around the field around you. You suddenly shuffle backwards, shuffling through the snow until your back thudded into a tree. Feeling your backside was at least protected, you took a final glance around the landscape.


You can see nothing. Between the fading light and the consistent, bland landscape, your eyes can find anything to fear; yet you hear the noise of the growing howls of the dire wolves taking out to hunt for prey in the night. "I have to read though..." You mumble.


Your fingers rapidly flip through the pages, fighting to find something you can read quickly and take in.


"Empathy was officially discovered only after long periods of extensive research in the year of 2178. Many have called it a long journey to discover as many underlying mechanisms had to be studied to find our way to the discovery of the true ability. The first recorded incidence came in the time of the Turners. It was only through extensive testing in many series that we were able to clarify that the first case had the Talent. Then, research began fully-"


"History is less important. I need the most essential things..." You glance up again. Your heart is pounding in your chest. Thump Thump Thumnp. You can hear every branch rustling in the rising wind. The roar in the air of a rising night storm only adds to your increasing fright.


"God... This is..... Intense.." You mutter, admitting it to yourself. You feel overwhelmed. Your mind is filled with the memory of each and every chakrat back in Zared. All those trapped souls. You remember the darkness of respawning.


"I can't go back there..." You think, shuddering with a wave of fear of being so trapped with your own mind, nothing to see, nothing to connect to. "But... I'd know it ends, that'd make it easier, better." You think it, but it sounds like you're trying to convince yourself and not succeeding.


You think of everyone in the town, everyone of them who'd died, who'd respawned. "They all suffered that too..."


You feel a sinking sensation, thinking of all those people sitting in the darkness, thinking about everything, considering how trapped they were in this digital world. Your stomach starts to churn. You feel the rising anxiety of responsibility sitting on your shoulders. How many more of them had died in the night as you walked? How many had suffered through a re-spawn while you got to this trunk? If you couldn't read this book and bring back some new information, how many had suffered in vain?

Written by Picklessauce69 on 10 June 2017

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