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Before you can plan out what to do with the rare mineral of evolution, your hands shove the stone against your chest. This forces you to double over onto your tails, saving you from a bad fall with their curls preventing your slip.


Trying to pull out the stone apart from your body, your hands don’t react to your orders. Bewildered in not having control, you call out, hoping someone will react.




The stone in your chest, specifically resting in your cleavage, starts to glow a white light. In turn, your tails start to get very warm, and it’s not a good sign for things to come.


“S-somebody! V-Vulpix! A-anybody!”


Nobody is around to hear you. Your hands stop pressing down on your chest, with the stone gone from sight.


With the genetic code that courses through the fiber of your being, ordered to a superior form, the familiar pains of transformation return.


Shaking your head at the thoughts appearing inside of your head, you see a younger version of yourself going through various stages of school. Grade school, high school, and perhaps a college or two through something that would bring you to a path where you can do what you want to do. Not anymore.


Instead, you see yourself emerging from an egg. Standing at a farm, you are humbly living a pleasant life as the Vulpix hybrid since birth. Online instruction is all you can do while having to tend to the farm. You eventually try to place yourself into a forest to find something to bring home, but find yourself trapped in the ice.


“N-no!” You scream, clutching the sides of your head in pain, knowing these farm life thoughts should not be your memories. “No, I was just living a regular suburban life on the farm…” A gasp, knowing you’re speaking far from your sinking memory. “VUL! NO!”


The many reds and browns of your fur start to change color, turning to a very shiny color. Spreading out from your hands, clutching your head and trying to maintain what human memories allowed, you see light golden fur replace the familiar red tones. They feel very alien, and don’t offer comfort while trying to think on what to do.


Shifting around in your seat, you stay sitting, surprisingly very comfortable in the living nest of your own design. Golden-white fur takes up everything about you, now looking rather uniform in their single color. Wiggling your legs, trapped in the content binds of the tails, you see the multiple limbs start to change.


The curled tails open up, turning stiff on the ends instead of being flexible. The golden furred limbs reveal thick bristles growing at the end of them. Moving slowly underneath you, they are sensual in their movements, making you think of a model moving with purpose with their hips. Growing out longer, you feel the weight that they have as you can curl each one of them individually. Five inches thick, and easily as long as your six foot tall body is, the tails are rather fitting for a sultry one like yourself. At least the tails are feeling rather fluffy, covered in thicker fur than your body is supposed to have.


“Oh… Oh my… They, I look so pretty,” you find yourself saying.


The six tails behind you crack as they rub against one another, feeling more intently furred fingers slipping out to the cool air. Three more tails join your existing ones, but you stop feeling the head tails that are supposed to be resting on your head. You wonder why that is, but the many new fuzzy parts of you are picked up to hug closely.


Wanting to see how this would go, you think about yourself. Why shouldn’t you admire being the great womanly beast that you are? Sure it felt cute being the adult Vulpix lady, but that feels like training wheels for the idea of this new form you are supposed to have.


Down to all fours you go, digging your knees to the rocky ground, and teasing your paw-like hands to the water’s edge.


While you grip, you see your forepaws inching further and further away from your arms. Fingertips brighten in the glow of the water, showing sharp orange nails that match the ends of your sexy tails.


Glancing at the reflection on the water, a fiery furry female smiles back. You find her mouth pushing out slowly, rolling a panting tongue out of wet lips. The cute little snout of the Vulpix grows out longer, inches with a soft crunch of bone, enough to touch the cool clean water with a black nose in the cave.


Your smile, an award winning one only to your mind, is happy with what looks back. A drink with a vulpine pointy tongue laps hungrily until you have your fill.


Drinking while looking, your hair is now the same color as your fur, lightly golden and cascading down your shoulders in their voluminous length. They grow wildly and thickly, becoming a big mane of hair that curls with limited control.


Testing your mane allows you to see the adjacent massive triangular ears. Brown inners shift to golden white like the rest of you, expanding out higher but narrower, making you feel like a monstrous elf. Fitting for a beauty such as yourself.


Everything except those doe brown orbs. Aren’t they a little plain for you?


“Nnnnnn…” A soft growl comes out of your lips, painted a teasy black with the changes. “Soon, my pretties. I’m going to be so glamorous…”


You get caught up with more exploration of yourself.


Fluttering eyes find the luxurious fur on your tails, wiggling behind you in their wide berth, being more recognizable on your arms and legs as they look to match their fluff. Light brown paws remain on the larger hands, splashing some water nearby. You are still a fox after all.


The fur on your legs feel very warm, even if the fur makes the skirt and legwarmers feel a little tighter. While glancing between your legs, instructions from earlier come into light.


You aren’t in danger of losing the important outfit, still being thought of as important in your fractured mind.


It’s as easy as you can remember the instructions in the beginning.




You have a feeling that you should be remembering something else, but it doesn’t appear to be too important. Otherwise you’d recall it, wouldn’t you?


Back to looking at yourself, you raise your knees, seeing legs twitch as muscles ripple underneath.


Pressing on your feet in their sandals, you feel your feet splayed outward, feet slowly creaking as rising arched feet lock to the tiptoe position instead of choosing to do it earlier. A vain attempt wants those heels to return flat on the sandals, but there’s no budging them. Feet slip past the toe straps of the footwear, touching the cool gravel below. Orange pointed nails exist on each toe, with feet widening further behind you. The shoes are mere decorations for your floofing ankles at this point. More sizes make those feet very sturdy in their 12 inch length, and 5 inch width. Dangerous for anyone to be kicked with, but humanistic to wiggle gently, they get further away from you with popping legs.


Longer they stretch out, changing the hands and knees stance to be one of pawed hands and feet. These are the only things touching the rough floor.


This stance. You were forced to take this position before, weren’t you?


Memory cracks the waking dream of glamor that hides you from the truth. Pulses of the ice circle return. A static image of a nude man lingers. The police station and the camp flash into your eyes.


“Oh… N-no no no, I’m-” Your complaints are brought out from under you, with warmth making you murmur.


Much like the sparking fire form you once enjoyed the camp with, the fur on your underside grows out of your body. Your neck lets loose a small poncho of your fur, looking to cover the breasts in perpetual warmth. This does not last.


You gasp out in a worried breath. “Ack…. AAAaaaaahhhh,” you groan. “Why are my breasts…”


Confusion takes your thoughts away, as endorphins look to dull the excited mind with the lull of someone that doesn’t need to worry about much. That’s why you are here, aren’t you?


Brought away from the farm, sent here to get your hands on a fire stone, return home as the rightful heir to the ranch. You question this idea at first, but further changes lessen the priority.


Pressing orbs against that top strain it to stretch larger. Swollen C, D, G-cup orbs, are not ashamed to be barely covering your nipples in the shirt not built for them. In fact, you’re quite vocal in the changes.


“UUuuuu… Vuuuu… Uull?” Your voice turns deeper as you sound out the shifting Pokemon side of yourself, grasping for control of your body.


“U-ulllleeessssss…” A seductive low groan says, from your lips.


Breathing gently, you raise your head and find the control of your many tails working. Oh, these old things? They are but mere upgrades to the Vulpix young adult form that you beautified from.


So what if the Vulpix wanted to work like a captured monster and a trainer to a human guy. That’s not the real self.


You raise each of your tails like the brilliant peacock feathers you think of them- a Queen’s gown billowing in your own design.


To be aware of your domain, glowing red eyes signify the end of the evolutionary warmth, shoving yourself up to your massive feet. Feet, paws, all that matters is anything under your footpads, and anything walked along you, is your land.


The Queen of the forest, a content Ninetales Pokemon Hybrid, yearns to find your subjects waiting for you to come out and greet you.


That is, until you curl yourself up along the floor. The glow in your eyes grows dim, draping your fluffy and cuddly tails all over your body.


Maybe a nap would suffice. It’s all about beauty rest, and you can afford being as pretty as can be.


Sleep takes you, but you’re unaware how many hours your tired body needs.


Finding yourself awake some time later, you yawn normally, stretching limbs as it’s normal to sleep uncovered in the cave. You’re not sure how long you’ve been resting in that cave, perpetually hibernating in a deep sleep. How long did you rest? A growling stomach tells you it’s been long enough to grow hungry.

Written by PoKeHybridTrainer on 08 October 2021

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