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It takes a few minutes to take a good drink of water, refreshing yourself with only the non-existent eyes of Zubat peering silently. Everything you bring your red eyes on is all yours, right? The shiny stones would make for pretty jewelry to decorate. Alas, daily needs are of higher importance than looking the best.


No time to wait around any longer, as a meal is all you can think about.


The human tent, specifically not called your tent, is not too far away from the cave. After a splendid rest, a splendid feast of a week of food would be perfect to sustain you for some time. You take off quickly, your arched feet and longer legs taking you far away from the cave, and run along the river to find the supplies that are supposed to be there.


A pungent stink wrinkles your nose, which makes you furious about having the very notion of wrinkles. Sniffing from a distance away, the smell is surprisingly familiar.


The hiker, the Mandibuzz - a vulture Pokemon with ugly bones, that’s what that man is. To think that you extended a one time offer of amnesty, by your good graces! Only for him to return to your emergency supply tent of food. How dare he.


You arrive, and the campsite is a mess, with plastic wrappers littering the clean grassy trails. The humans that occupy these woods are almost always a sweet bunch, seeing them treat you kindly. Was that your older self and not the majestic woman before you? Whoever it was, it means that they treated the forest as a place for humans and Pokemon to exist. Instead, this man-animal is nothing more but a pest.

Written by PoKeHybridTrainer on 09 October 2021

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