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You decided it was best to go learn the layout of the town first and foremost, since you haphazardly planned to spend an unknown amount of time in this novel village you thought it was a good idea to try not to get lost while exploring, and a quick tour would have been the best possible way to tackle your new mission.
“Why don’t you show me around a bit then?” You said cheerily, the young man responded with a bright smile and began to lead you by your hand deeper into the small- yet confusingly laid out- village. As the two of you walked through the old beaten down buildings you noticed how the shingles were worn away and tattered, as if over the years the villager’s work was slowly being consumed by mother nature’s firm-handed grasp.
For a few hours, you were told of the history of the town, and how the people in it used their ability to use the river to their advantage. You were fascinated by this culture based around fishing and selling, and the most exciting thing was how the people here could have lived in such a shanty town while still being able to rise to the status of a kingdom on their own. You were absolutely elated, despite the less-than-satisfactory environment. Yet you couldn’t stop yourself from wondering why these people vouched to live a life filled with less than the best.
When the ending of your tour was approaching, you noticed that Decatur was shooting you periodic stares, before quickly pulling away his glances the moment you seemed to notice. There was a moment of awkward silence by the time you both had returned to the lake. Despite this, your mind was sill occupied with all the architecture you were just exposed to, it almost made you forget your main goal of coming here, but regardless of this, you seemed to have had a good time with your new friend.
“Oh hey. I never got your name, who you were, or what you do. Sorry about that, but I didn't seem to notice we spent this much time together, without even asking who you were! Haha!” you were taken aback, nobody had ever seemed to care for the minute pieces of your life before, but something about him made you feel safe enough to open up almost immediately. You took a moment to mull over your responses, and after a quick period of silence, you decided how honestly you were to answer.

Written by Driftingdragon on 02 September 2020

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