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“I’m actually a princess.” you blushed hard as you felt your heart racing in your chest, something about this made you feel like you picked the wrong choice when the both of you sat in silence. A moment passed, and you began to notice your new friend’s expression as it slowly smoothed over his face in surprise.
“A… Princess?” he asked excitedly before randomly grabbing your hand, and running off with you in a direction. At first you were afraid, as if you were being kidnapped, but something about your new friend caused you to trust him, letting the young man simply sweep you off your paws and transport you to your happily ever after.
After a short jog down the short country roads, you found yourself at a small shack of a home. It didn’t look like much, but it was quite a bit larger than some of the surrounding buildings. Your instincts told you that this was a building of great importance the wy the architecture curved gracefully around the harsh edges of the building, unlike the other structures in the village.
Decatur slammed through the opened door, with your hand still firmly within his, and he began to call out.
“Mum. Pop! Guess what I’ve just found!” it took a moment, but shortly after you began to hear quiet footsteps approaching from the back of the house. “Check this out Princess!” he said to you happily.
“Oh? Who’s this?” A middle aged woman said, peeking her head around the corner.
“Those clothes? Is that?”
“Yes! It’s exactly what we think it is!” the young man said, nearly leaping from his feet in excitement. You were slightly confused, yet also somewhat elated by your reception. Your mind still pondered with all its might who these may be.
“Howdy stranger! Nice ta introduce ya to the kingdom!” the father stuck out his hand in a friendly greeting.
“Hope ya liked our lil slice a heaven!” The mother said in the same uneducated sounding accent. Something about it seemed almost homey to you as their excited voices raised in a happy crescendo.
“Turns out we hit it off quite well upon first meeting!” Your young friend said, and you took a moment to think to yourself how this was actually quite true. After abandoning your home country, you were looking for more, and with an odd turn of fate, you actually did end up with something more than that. “We’re what you’d call the ‘royal family’ of this humble little village, but it’s good to know you had come, cause we were actually having a bit of a dilemma.”
“A dilemma?” You repeated, “Yeah me too” You thought to yourself, without uttering a single word.
“Yeah, we’re trying to bring some kingdoms together through the lame concept of marriage, but none of the other princesses around seemed to be appealing enough. I’ve tried about… Four? I think, of them so far, but I know there are actually four in total!” you nodded in agreement, something in your history book seemed to mention that.
“And I presume. Well since I don’t yet know you. That I’d be the final one?” You asked curiously before shifting your eyes between him and his parents. “I would love to try that out. If that’d be fine with you.” You couldn’t stop thinking about how lovely the day you spent with this new stranger was, and despite their humble living situation, you could easily find it in you to become used to that. The happiness you felt just simply touring the village seemed to excite you alone, though you never stopped to give it a second thought.
You spent the rest of the week sitting and spending more time with Decatur and his parents. Preparing meals, setting tables, fishing, shipping, and learning the ways of their culture. The only thing you felt separate about was their weird, almost religious practice of mass fishing. During their congregations you were never allowed to join, but this was no stress to you, as you spent this time at your old home.
Both your kingdom and theirs flourished as they were united by marriage, and you lived a happy life with your new husband. The ruling of this kingdom was rather kind to you, as the lifestyle was spent mostly frolicing and doing none of the hard work. There weren’t even any subjects for you to command, since there was so little work to do around the kingdom.
One day, your husband knocked on your door and approached you with a great smile on his face. You immediately noticed how his hands were neatly folded behind his back, something instantly told you he had something for you.
“It’s not much, but I think you’ll really enjoy this!” he said before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Oh yeah, you’ll love it!” He reiterated, something about his tone of voice told you exactly what it was.
He abruptly revealed the gift and you immediately jumped from your seat in happiness, covering his face with kisses as you wrapped both sets of your arms around him, which nearly knocked him off his feet.
It was another transformation suit. And this one glistened with shimmering stones like the night sky from the moment you took it from its decorative box. Though your current life was satisfactory enough for you, the exciting grips of adventure clutched you with its strong hands. Your eyes glistened as you observed how beautifully woven the pattern on this next transformation was done. Despite the fact that your village seemed to be considerably poor, this material looked like it was the most expensive weaving found within hundreds of miles.
You spent your last night with your husband, saying your goodbyes as you took a moment to explain to him how much this meant to you. The both of you even spent your final moments transforming together.
The suit slowly turned your body into a bright light form as you ascended, merging your body with the light mesh-like material clutching your skin. Your heart filled with joy as the memories of this cycle collected in your higher mind, archiving one of the happiest times of your adventures in your personal log forever, before your mind was transported to the following one in a flash

Written by Driftingdragon on 04 September 2020

The end (for now)
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