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That was another thing he would have to deal with. He wouldn’t fit into his clothes anymore! Groaning, Daniel rolled to his back as much as horse body would let him. How will he dress? Would it be hard to get a T-shirt over his head with the unicorn-horn? And what about other clothes? His ass was naked! He didn´t realize that before, but his pants were gone, his horse body completely bare. But it wasn´t like animals wore clothes. Should he wear clothes on his animal part? Or should he be satisfied with the fur?


The thoughts whirled in Daniel´s mind, while he was lying sprawled on the bed. Was he still Daniel? Or should he think about himself as about a girl now, considering the breasts? Frowning, he popped himself on his elbows to glance between four legs.


Cold sweat covered his back.


Yep, definitely a girl.


How was he supposed to accept all of this?


He was a girl now. And unicorn, unicorn centaur, or whatever. With a horn on his forehead. He would be never able to wear hats again. Or helm. Or simply get into a car of normal size. He was lucky that David had a big car and that his friends managed to push him into it.


Or her?


Should he change his name to something like Daniela and start acting like a girl?


It felt too weird to even think about.


And how will he even manage to move around the house? While talking to his parents, he had to stand all the time, because he didn´t know how to sit on chair. He even had a hard time passing through the door, because he was too tall now. This stupid centaur body was too big for moving in the buildings, Daniel thought bitterly.


He probably wouldn´t fit into the shower either. How will he even get to the toilet? Since he changed, he had other things to worry about, but now that he thought about it, he couldn´t focus on anything else than his bladder. He needed to go, preferable right now, but the idea of even squeezing in the tiny bathroom was depressing.

Written by lulu-illussions on 21 March 2018


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