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But it was a challenge he needed to face without delay, so Daniel pushed his body back on its legs and carefully walked to the bathroom.


As expected, using toilet with large, horse body was impossible, so he had to relieve himself in the shower and then clean it.


If it went this way every time, common little things would be his biggest problem, not things like persuading his parents that it was still him.


It appeared that his worry was justified. During the next days, Daniel found out how many things he always took for granted. Including being a guy. But it appeared that mere living in the human house was a challenge now. Everything was either too small for him, or inconveniently shaped.


He had hard time sleeping in his own bed and his father had to eventually remove it from the room and have it replaced by a pile of blankets. David and Gassan built the outdoor toilet in the backyard. At first, Daniel was too ashamed to use it, but it soon got clear that he couldn´t use the normal toilet anymore.


Everything was different now.


And as the time passed, Daniel was slowly learning to live as Daniela. He didn´t visit the school, though. It didn´t feel right. Daniela wasn´t sure how would she fit into the building anyway. It was saddening thought, but it seemed that she would have to be satisfied with individual study program, because the normal classrooms weren´t adjusted to horses.

Written by lulu-illussions on 23 March 2018

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