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You have card in your hand saying Intelegenge: + " and the sphinx grins in response "I can play a card too. Species: Sphinx"


Your feet elongate, stretching and twisting until they resemble the paws of a lion. Your arms shorten, becoming covered in golden fur as they merge into your torso, forming the body of a lion as well. Your chest expands, and a pair of large wings burst from your back, unfurling to their full span.


Your head remains human, but your features shift and elongate into a snarling, feline visage. Your ears become pointed and tufted, and a thick mane of golden fur grows around your neck and shoulders.


You feel yourself rising up onto your hind legs, now standing as a two-legged Sphinx, towering over the hex board. Despite your new form, you remain upright, able to use your hands and maintain a sense of balance.


As you take in your new form, the Sphinx before you nods in approval, clearly impressed by your transformation. You feel a surge of confidence, ready to face whatever challenges the game throws your way.


The Sphinx grins at you, a hint of challenge in her eyes. "Very well," she says, "I challenge you to this riddle: I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?"


You pause for a moment, considering the riddle carefully. Then, with sudden clarity, the answer comes to you. "An echo," you say confidently.


The Sphinx nods, her eyes narrowing. "Correct," she says, "you have passed my challenge. You may choose one of my two cards to add to your hand."


One is "Gender: Female, Stance: Sphinx." the other "Speech: Dog"

Written by - on 08 May 2023

Both Take Speech: Dog

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