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On the other hand, the card with the attribute Speech: Dog could potentially give you the ability to communicate with other animals, opening up new avenues of exploration and problem-solving.


After a moment's consideration, you decide to choose the Speech: Dog card. You slip it into your hand, feeling a sense of excitement at the possibilities it might hold.


The Sphinx nods in approval once again, clearly pleased by your choice. "Very well," she says, "you may proceed to the next hex. But be careful - the challenges will only get harder from here on out."


On the table in front of you are two cards


'Intelegenge: +' and 'Species: Sphinx'


Also is a glowing bar 'Waiting for other players'


When the bar disappears you roll the dice again before moving your Sphinx figurine to the next hex, eager to continue your journey. As you do, you feel the power of the Sphinx card coursing through you, enhancing your intelligence and strategic thinking.


As you arrive at the next hex, you see a group of creatures gathered around a large boulder, seemingly arguing about something. You approach cautiously, not sure what to expect.


As you get closer, you realize that the creatures are goblins, and they're arguing about how to move the boulder out of their way. One of the goblins spots you and turns to face you, snarling angrily.


"Who are you?" the goblin demands, brandishing a rusty sword. "This is our territory. You'd best be leaving before we decide to make you leave."


You hold up your hand, trying to calm the goblin down. "I'm just passing through," you say. "I don't mean any harm."


The goblin eyes you suspiciously, but seems to relax slightly. "Fine," he says. "But you're not going anywhere until we get this boulder out of the way. Unless you think you're strong enough to move it yourself?"


You look at the boulder, which is easily twice your size, and shake your head. "I don't think I can move it on my own," you admit.


The goblin grins maliciously. "Then I guess you'll just have to stay here with us until we figure it out," he says.

Written by - on 16 May 2023

Both Spell: Disintegrate on Boulder

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