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You look over the cards in your hand and choose a card "Spell: Disintegrate. Cooldown: 10 turns" pointing it too the boulder


The goblin's eyes widen as he sees the card in your hand. "Hey, you can't use that here!" he protests, but it's too late.


You concentrate on the card and a beam of light shoots out from your hand, hitting the boulder with a blinding flash. When the light fades, the boulder has vanished, leaving only a pile of dust and rubble in its place.


The goblin stares at you in shock, then starts to back away nervously. "Okay, okay, we'll let you go," he stammers. "Just don't use that thing on us, okay?"


Behind the boulder is a treasure chest and inside is a card. Without hesitation, you open the chest and find a card inside with the words "EQUIPMENT: ???? TRAIT: AUTOEQUIP on pickup


You consider the card carefully, wondering what kind of equipment it could be. Could it be a weapon, armor, or some kind of tool? You're not sure, but the trait "AUTOEQUIP on pickup" suggests that whatever it is, it will automatically equip itself to you once you pick it up.

Written by - on 22 May 2023

Both Take the Equipment

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