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This is a test; and perhaps the most important one of your life. It would be remiss of you not to study, wouldn't it?


You close your eyes and sigh, focusing on the task at hand. Thoughts of the shame of failure and the praise of success slowly fade away into nothing but memories as you construct the Lotus Pond Dojo in your mind.


There are two score students total; though some are currently away, and some are asleep. Right now, there should be five students in the main hall, three more towards the West, two in the garden...


You tally the plans in your mind, tracing out a path that will keep you clear of as many eyes as possible. Finally, you have it: a route that keeps you free of almost all of your fellow students.


By darting from your quarters to the east hallways; then taking to the rafters you should be able to avoid the worst of this. There should only be a total of three obstacles: Chadworth Demming, Kim Soon-Pak, and Thomas Soong.


You can distract Chadworth with a simple transformation, but the next two might require a little more... Skill. The only way to get past Kim is to go over her; and Thomas is renowned for this prowess.


Unfortunately, there's no other way around him. Either your path intersects with his, or you need to risk being seen by five other students. And, formidable an obstacle as Thomas is, one person is easier to predict than five.


It's a solid plan, Kokoemestu-sama would be proud. Now all that you have to do is put it into action.


You steal out from your room quickly, silently padding your way towards Chadworth. He's the easiest part of this little trial, a simple transformation should pull the wool over his eyes entirely. The only question is, who or what should you become?

Written by SketchySeraph on 04 March 2016

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